Marketing Strategy for Bookkeepers. Part 1

Marketing Strategy for Bookkeepers. Part 1

Today I’m introducing you to marketing strategies for bookkeepers. Right now I’m enjoying a spoonful of honey in my tea. Thanks Bob and Doris. I’m so grateful for the little bees who created this. Jim bought the honey from a roadside stall last week while traveling for work.

While having a table and chair on the side of the road may generate money for a hobby, having a marketing strategy is essential for business.

But what are the marketing strategies for bookkeepers that work? Over the next few weeks, I’ll be answering these questions live in the Blissful Bookkeepers private Facebook group so you can ask questions along the way and get real results.

But before we talk about marketing strategies for bookkeepers please answer a question for me. If your best friend was struggling with something right now, how would you speak to her? What could you do to make her feel better about herself?

I’d say that you are capable of anything you want to do. You have everything you already need to succeed. It’s true we’re all going to feel the struggle sometimes. Right? But asking for help is essential to move through an issue faster. Whether we need help with sales, marketing strategies or finances, talking with someone is key.

So this is how I’d like you to speak to yourself when you’re feeling frustrated in your business. The reason why we’re building a business of ease is that we’re being a best friend to our future selves.

But I keep working for people and not making any money or I keep doing jobs and underquoting or I keep getting the messy clients from my firm…. these are some of the struggles I’ve overcome and I’m here to let you know just because your bookkeeping business has had problems in the past doesn’t mean you’ll have those same problems in the future.

When you sign up to start your own bookkeeping business there are no guarantees you’ll get clients or make a profit or get out of debt or live in your dream house. Entrepreneurship is risky. But for some people, having a job is no longer a suitable option.

If you want stability you just need to get a job with someone telling you what to do, you take your pay and go home. But running a business means learning new skills, reading about how others have succeeded and implemented new ideas into business. Basically just copy what works for others. You won’t get a fail for looking at someone else’s answers. I’m sharing my system inside the Blissful Bookkeepers program, so women can skip the struggles to profitability drawing from the real-world experiences I’ve had.


I started my home bookkeeping business because I was driving to daycare 40 minutes from my home and 20 minutes from my office. It was costing me 2 hours a day in the car and $50 per day in daycare fees.

At the time I had my baby none of the daycare centers had vacancies and so I was on a daycare waiting list for 6 months.

Becoming a consultant from home was a no brainer. I wanted freedom from waking the kids up early in the mornings for the long commute, to have the ability to make my own rules, to work hours that suited me and not a society focused on 9 -5 while preschool hours were 9:30 – 2:30, to be able to find my purpose, my self-expression and use my creativity as well as my education to help other people simplify their life and business.

Fast forward 12 months from now, how does the next level of your business look? What type of clients do you work with? What benefits are you deriving from this new higher level of success? Write the scene on a piece of paper and say to yourself, it is done. Reshaping your business will reshape your life. Being able to eat out, hire a cleaner, afford a gym membership, repay your loans, take the children overseas, see a show, throw a party.


While on maternity leave I discovered cloud bookkeeping and online marketing.

A great tip I learned after attending several online marketing courses is that,

You are not your customer.

Think of yourself as Yoda and your customer as Luke Skywalker. These are two different characters with different beliefs and thoughts. Luke doubts his abilities and Yoda knows Luke can do everything with a little guidance.

So let’s dig into what you believe you are capable of?

The truth is you’re capable of anything you want to put work and effort into. I grew up in an environment where my mum helped refugees restart their lives and start businesses from scratch. If you don’t believe you have the time, energy, resources, skills, brains to achieve something, then perhaps you could look at it this way.


Changing your beliefs leads you to change the outcomes in your life.

Back to marketing. To get your message to the clients, firstly you need to believe in yourself and secondly, you need to speak to what your client wants.

When creating marketing messages for your clients use the word YOU.

Your clients want you to answer their questions and solve their bookkeeping problems. Your client is the main focal point of your marketing message.

So in your messaging and online marketing, you can use this simple template.

[your clients’ struggle] I’ll show you how

eg Having a hard time doing your bookkeeping? I’ll show you how.

[your clients’ struggle] let’s get you back in control

eg. Supplier bills and statements piling up? Let’s get you back in control.

Now it’s your turn to create a headline using these suggestions. What did you come up with? Tag me on Facebook or Instagram with your catchy headline @bluecloudbookkeeping Learning marketing strategies for your bookkeeping business is essential. Can you guess which marketing strategy will work best for you? Part 2 coming soon.

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