Planning your week so this is THE year you make progress towards your goals.

goals planning Mar 19, 2020

Let's talk about planning your week so this is THE year you make progress towards your goals.

Doing big things first

So today, think about what are you going to do first thing each morning. What actions are you going to take it first thing each morning for the next 52 weeks that move you closer to achieving the goals that you've set for 2019 and next?

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How will you face challenges

Think about next time you're faced with a challenge or an issue in your business, how are you going to react and what are you going to do that will help you more rapidly get through that challenge and stop it from happening again?  Is there something you need to learn, master or get help with?  Mentors can be a great source of calm when faced with unexpected hurdles.

Value your creativity

Next, I want you to know that you may be helping others instead of growing your own business because you don't value your own creativity as much as you should and you deserve to really use your creativity and derive an income from it and enjoy your life as much as anyone else out there. So start putting yourself and your own time first before others and start moving towards your dream ideal lifestyle and after you have done some learning and you feel like you have learned, you've reached capacity for learning in a specific area.

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You can make your own decisions without a 2nd opinion

Start listening to yourself and trusting yourself and making decisions for yourself and being the leader of your own business and not always asking me for a second opinion, for every question that comes up for your business. Because ultimately you are the CEO of your own business. Your customers will look up to you and so will your team and so, you need to start making decisions on your own and making decisions for your team and being the leader. And next, where are you going to hang out?

Hang out where success hangs out

So find out where are people that are more successful than you, hanging out, what are they doing, and can you get into their groups. So maybe in a workshop or maybe just you know, down at the gym or I'm at a conference. Start hanging out with other successful people, people that have already reached the goals that you want to reach and make friends with them.

Dealing with money depression

And remember, if you're in a money slump and you're not making the income that you want to right now, just remember it's temporary and it can be overcome and circumstances changes all the way through life and you're going to reach your goals if you just stick with it.

Thanks for listening guys and I wish you a very merry Christmas and thank you for listening throughout the year and reach out. Send me a message @bluecloudbookkeeping on Facebook and Instagram and I hope to talk to you again soon in the new year. See you later.

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Comment below what you want to achieve this week.

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